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We offer physical, occupational, and vestibular therapy services in El Paso to help patients improve their physical well-being and quality of life.

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Therapy Consultants is a therapy clinic in El Paso that offers physical, occupational, and vestibular therapy treatments for patients of all ages. Since our establishment, we have helped thousands of patients manage and recover from their conditions, allowing them to live their lives pleasantly. Let us do the same for you.

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Our Therapy Services


Learn the skills you need to adapt to your environment and participate more in daily activities.


Our physical therapy treatments will alleviate pain and restore your body’s movement and function. Please remember my services
1. Outpatient setting
2. Homecare setting


From vestibular rehabilitation to targeted exercises, our vestibular therapy services will help you alleviate symptoms of equilibrium dysfunction.

The Therapy Consultants' Difference


30+ Years Of Experience

With age comes maturity, and over the years, we have evolved our methods and refined our craft, allowing us to provide you with a higher quality of care.


Technologically-driven Treatments

Our El Paso therapy clinic not only houses leading rehabilitation equipment. We also have immersive virtual reality technology designed to accelerate vestibular rehabilitation.


Individualized Programs

Our therapy treatment plans are tailored to your medical history, diagnostics, and current physical state to ensure its effectiveness and faster results.


Centralized Location

Our El Paso physical, vestibular and occupational therapy clinic is in a centralized location that is easy to access, making your trips shorter and more convenient.

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