Yes. Genetics, lifestyle, and environmental factors may also play a role.

Research suggests that tweaking your diet may reduce the occurrence and intensity of migraine attacks.

Common dietary triggers for these attacks include chocolate, alcohol, coffee, aged cheeses, and processed meats. These foods contain chemicals like tyramine, nitrates, histamine, and phenylethylamine, all of which have been linked to migraine symptoms. Skipping meals may increase the severity of attacks. Trigger foods may vary from person to person.

An elimination diet may help identify potential triggers. With this approach, you remove foods you suspect may worsen your symptoms. Because people respond differently to foods, elimination diets are personalized for each individual. An elimination diet should only be done under the supervision of a health professional.

When you visit us, we will examine you, give you the right diagnosis and help you with the recovery process. Our specialists can give you guidelines on diet, exercise, and lifestyle.

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