Vestibular rehabilitation is effective for many vestibular disorders. The review carried out by Ahmad Alghadir and Shahnawaz Anwer (June 2018) focuses on the current evidence on the effects of physical therapy in the management of vestibular symptoms in individuals with vestibular migraine.

Individuals with a history of migraine tend to have a high incidence of vestibular symptoms with some or all of their headaches. A total of six included studies investigated the effects of Vestibular rehabilitation in the management of Vestibular migraine.

The critical review form for quantitative studies was used to appraise quality assessment and risk of bias in the selected studies. Previous studies validated the use of Vestibular rehabilitation in the treatment of vestibular symptoms for individuals with a Vestibular migraine to include improved headache and migraine-related disability in patients with a Vestibular migraine.

Another study that was carried out by Nagisa Sugaya, Mike Arai, and Fumiyuki Goto as published in April 3rd, 2017 edition of Frontiers in Neurology with the objective of finding out if the Headache in Patients with Vestibular Migraine Attenuated by Vestibular Rehabilitation?

The participants in the study included 251 patients with dizziness comprising 28 patients with Vestibular migraine, 79 patients with tension-type headache, and 144 patients without headache. Participants were hospitalized for 5 days and taught to conduct a vestibular rehabilitation program.

The study concluded that Vestibular rehabilitation contributed to improvement of headache both in patients with Vestibular migraine and patients with dizziness and tension-type headache, in addition to improvement of dizziness and psychological factors. Improvement in dizziness following vestibular rehabilitation could be associated with the improvement of headache more prominently in Vestibular migraine compared with comorbid tension-type headache.

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