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Lourdes Garcia

Mr. Garcia was in an auto accident in 1965 and has experienced dizziness and severe nausea ever since. After so long with his condition, Mr. Garcia was skeptical about finding relief at Therapy Consultants. However, after six weeks of special exercises and therapy, the symptoms disappeared, and Mr. Garcia’s life changed!

Maria Lopez

Gracias a todos los asistentes me quedé muy satisfechos. Gracias!!! Muy buen servicio….al 100 recomendado.


I really like them the doctor is very nice he takes the time to hear you and help you with the Therapies staff is amazing I highly recommend the help you with vertigo and other needs you have

Belinda Ramirez

I had tried another clinic and it was not effective. I have found the staff to be friendly, welcoming, and very task oriented. We feel very welcome. It is well worth the travel here. I am over an hour away. Dr A is very knowledgeable and compassionate. I am so glad I was referred here!! I strongly recommend Therapy Consultants!! I thank God for them.

Rosemary O

The knowledge and expertise of Dr. Akomolafe is unremarkable. Dr A spends valuable time explaining your diagnosis, in detail. His initial evaluation was very impressive and advanced. It is comforting knowing this technology and physical therapist exists in El Paso. I have been suffering from dizziness, vertigo, and the feeling of being off balance for quite some time. With no explanation from other physicians. Dr. Akomolafe evaluated my condition with a diagnosis and I am being treated with success. I have worked in the field of Ophthalmology for over forty years and I would not hesitate to refer patients to see him. In closing, Dr. Akomolafe is truly superb. The staff is kind, respectable and caring. They have been a true blessing in my life!

Naomi Chacon

I am very pleased with the treatment given to me by Dr. A. He was very thorough in explaining to me every procedure being done as well as the results. I highly recommend Dr. A & his staff.

Maria Lopez

Staff is professional and courteous. My therapist is compassionate to my care, and she does her best to make sure I get the right therapy. Thank you.

Rosie Prospero

Since the very first day I walked into that clinic everybody was friendly I was so much in pain and just by their attitude toward me I feel so much better by the second session my pain was diminishing I am so very grateful for everything

Ana Dearing

If you are having a hard time with your vertigo/dizziness and you need help, this is the place to go. The care is genuine, I am so happy I found out about this wonderful facility!

Edward Barentine Edward Barentine

UNEXPECTED SUCCESS ! I waited a few months to be sure it really worked. IT WORKED ! After 20+ years of dizziness with head movements, Dr Ben Westbrook referred me to Therapy Consultants. Alex immediately made me 6 appointments. William and Gilbert were very helpful with the initial workups at each visit. On the first session Dr. Akomolafe did a very detailed head positioning workup and diagnosed my problem. Second visit, he performed a maneuver that repositioned debris in my inner ear. I could tell right away that it worked. The next 4 visits, I was handed over to his assistant Cindy. WOW the rehab was so interesting and effective. I have to admit I thought that part was fun. The front office was very efficient. Never had one glitch. Front staff always helpful. Cindy is a "rising star" in the PT field. She challenged me to my new found limits. And Dr. Tunde is my new hero. Super intellect! He really practices his chosen profession well. FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY. Edward Barentine (Sharon is my wife)


staff is excellent and provided customer service that made me feel they cared about my overall health. Dr. A was great in explaining my treatment, by being patient and thorough. services and appointments are very timely, they are appreciative of your time

Marcela Nungaray

The patient care and customer service at this facility is excellent. Staff is very skilled and courteous. All the staff made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Akomolafe is very knowledgeable, professional and caring. He explained every step in the process in detail and answered all questions thoroughly. I highly recommend Therapy Consultants.

Harinder Boparai

Excellent experience. Very professional, knowledgable, courteous, one-on-one attention, timely corrections given on exercises, well organised calming place, clean & hygienically kept safe, highly recommended

Ruby Hill

I have been to other physical therapy facilities before, but NEVER, have I been more pleased with the way I feel when I leave THIS place. I am only sorry that I didn't know about these people before and about the great work they do.

Lovely Pierre-Louie Jackson

Amazing vestibular rehabilitation clinic! I had a terrible case of vestibular neuritis/BPPD (I think that’s the abbreviation lol) and The staffing there was absolutely amazing! They make sure to take care of you and be gentle with you!

Sarah Soto

The Staff was very professional in everything they had me work on. I felt that they really cared about my well being. They made me feel very safe in anyway they could. Especially with COVID. Thank you for making me feel very comfortable. I would recommend them very Highly.

Maria Martinez

Recomiendo el lugar por su excelente servicio y la ayuda que me ofrecieron en mi recuperación. El staff altamente recomendado los terapistas me informaron de todas mis necesidades y recuperación .muchísimas gracias señora María Martinez

Josie Rangel Pacheco

Nice place to continue your recovery. Everyone is courteous, friendly and professional. The exercises and activities they plan for me are varied and completely monitored, never boring. I always get positive reinforcement from my therapist, and I am never pressured to do more than what I can comfortably do.


This is a good place for physical therapy. Alejandro in the front desk got us in to be seen quickly by the doctor the day we got the referral. The doctor was very kind, knowledgeable and professional. Nadine our physical therapist was very gentle with my son and very helpful. We look forward to continuing with services here.

Kathy Brosch

I only wait 5-10 min to be called in. Great staff! Dr. Akomolafe makes sure to explain things and answer questions. All of the staff are kind and courteous.

Citalli Miranda

Fantastic staff and courteous. The doctor here Is amazing. He’s extremely knowledgeable and explains in detail what is happening. Nobody should be suffering from dizziness or motion sensitivity. This office is accurate and has advanced technology to assess your condition. Therapy here is unique, progressive, and professional. They have helped me so much and changed my daily life. I was better in no time !! 🙌🏽 go team therapy consultant!! 🏆 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Norma Valdez

The doctor and staff are very professional. They were able to help me overcome my vertigo issues. I have not had an episode in months and am grateful for all their attentiveness when I was being treated. Crystal was great and made my visits pleasant. The doctor explained this unfamiliar disease to me and made me feel more at ease. Based on the great experience I had I would recommend them to anyone who requires imbalance therapy.

    Ms. Gomez suffered with dizziness for 15 years. It wasn’t until she came to Therapy Consultants that she started to see relief with her balance issues. Between the latest technology and advanced exercise techniques, Ms. Gomez’s life is completely different today!

    Dizziness: Julia Gomez

    Ms. Cortez says she is 100% better. Treatment at Therapy Consultants has improved her balance, vision, and walking. Her experience is like so many others who have improved their quality of life with vertigo therapy at Therapy Consultants!

    Vertigo: Petra Cortez

    Mr. Garcia was in an auto accident in 1965 and has experienced dizziness and severe nausea ever since. After so long with his condition, Mr. Garcia was skeptical about finding relief at Therapy Consultants. However, after six weeks of special exercises and therapy, the symptoms disappeared, and Mr. Garcia’s life changed!

    Lourdes Garcia

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