Balance problems can make you feel dizzy as if the room is spinning, unsteady, or lightheaded. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, contact Therapy Consultants.

The occurrence of dizziness and vertigo is frequent and associated with a considerable personal and health care burden. Vestibular vertigo accounts for a considerable percentage of this burden, which suggests that diagnosis and treatment of frequent vestibular conditions are important issues in primary care.

According to an article published by Lauren Story et al (2020) in the Journal of Audiology, An exploration of Significant Others’ experience with ongoing vestibular disorders. The objective of the study was to understand the lived experiences of Significant Others (SOs) of people with ongoing vestibular symptoms. Four predominant themes were identified from the data:

Journey: This is progression of learning to understand, cope and adapt with a family member’s vestibular condition is a unique journey.

Ownership: Participants reported varying levels of ownership of their family member’s vestibular condition. Those who considered the vestibular condition as a joint problem were often more burdened by feelings of guilt and redundancy.

Intangibility: Participants reported inconsistent advice from healthcare professionals, struggles with understanding, and challenges obtaining a shared understanding with their own support networks.

Disempowerment: Significant Others were left feeling powerless due to not knowing what to do for a family member when they experienced vestibular symptoms, and not having a comprehensive understanding of the vestibular condition.

In conclusion, the study shows ongoing vestibular symptoms have significant and diverse impacts on significant others. It also reveals a need for tailored support of Significant Others and supports the practice of family-centered care in this population.

At Therapy Consultants, we do understand the impact of this condition not only on the patients, but on the family members caring for the patients. To us, you are not just a number, and our approach is designed to provide necessary information to the caring family members or support system present during your consultation.

We also provide you with video clips during your consultation that allow you to see your dizziness in real time and how they relate to this uncomfortable experience that you go through on regular basis. We have additional information/videos online through our website that you can share with your family members on different conditions relating to dizziness. At Therapy Consultants, we also understand that knowledge is power and instead of feeling powerless about your situation, our goal is to let you gain control of your recovery on day one.

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