If you think the worst headaches are just throbbing headache that goes away after a few hours, then think again. Severe and unrelenting headache; lasting 4 to 72 hours needs immediate treatment.

In an epidemiological study carried out by Birthe Rasmussen and Jes Olesan (August 1992) Migraine With Aura and Migraine Without Aura. In this cross-sectional study of headache disorders in a representative general population of 1,000 persons, the epidemiology of migraine with aura and migraine without aura was analyzed. Lifetime prevalence of Migraine with Aura was 5%, male: female ratio 1:2. Lifetime prevalence of migraine without aura was 8%, M:F ratio 1:7. Women, but not men, were significantly more likely to have migraine without aura than migraine with aura. In both migraine with aura and migraine without aura, the most conspicuous precipitating factor was Stress and Mental Tension. Visual disturbances were the most common aura phenomenon occurring in 90% of subjects in migraine with aura.

Other related study shows that auras occurred exclusively prior to the headache in 57%. The free interval between the end of the visual aura and the start of the headache was usually (75%) shorter than 30 minutes. Most (59%) patients had visual auras that lasted from 1 to 30 minutes. They started in the periphery of the visual fields in 56%. The most common phenomena described were: small bright dots (42%), flashes of light (39%), “blind spots” (32%), and “foggy vision” (27%). In summary, you could be having a vestibular migraine if:

• You have migraines or had them in the past.

• You have at least 5 episodes of vertigo that make you feel like you are spinning or moving. This isn’t the same as motion sickness or feeling faint.

• These feelings last between 5 minutes to 72 hours.

• Your symptoms are moderate to severe. That means they stop you from doing everyday tasks or they’re so bad you can’t do anything at all.

• At least half of the episodes happen with one of the following migraine symptoms:o A headache that has two of these characteristics: is one-sided, pulsing, moderate to severe, or gets worse with activity Sensitivity to light or sound.

Seeing shimmering or flashing lights in your vision (a migraine aura)Give us a call today (915-503-1333), it’s too early to give up, and we would love to be part of your recovery process.

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