Have you ever wondered if there may be a behavior that you’re doing that is making your vertigo attacks happen more frequently or more severely?

It could be something simple that you may have overlooked because it’s a daily habit. Take a look at the 5 things that you’re probably doing to trigger your vertigo:

Other household changes involving pet owners with migraine symptoms can also be found in this study according to the article published by Dawn A. Marcus and Amrita Bhowmick in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Jun 2013 edition. The objectives were to review anecdotal reports suggesting that changes in dog behavior might be used to predict impending migraine episodes. This survey was designed to investigate how companion dogs react to migraines that occur in their owners. The survey was completed by 1029 adult migraineurs (94.9% women), with migraines typically occurring ≤8 days per month in 63.4% of participants. A recognized change in the dog’s behavior prior to or during the initial phase of migraine was endorsed by 552 participants (53.7%), most commonly unusual attentiveness to the owner (39.9%). Among the 466 participants providing details about their dog’s behavior with their migraines, 57.3% were able to identify dog alerting behavior before symptoms of a migraine attack would typically begin, with changes usually noticed within 2 hours before the onset of initial migraine symptoms. The dog’s behavior was considered to be often or usually linked with the development of a migraine for 59.2% of migraineurs, and 35.8% of migraineurs endorsed beginning migraine treatments after the dog’s behavior was recognized and before migraine symptoms had started.For further information, please contact us at 915-503-1333, “You Are Never Alone In This Journey”