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16+ Years Of Driving Better Physical Health Outcomes

Established in 2006, Therapy Consultants is an El Paso, Texas-based therapy clinic specializing in providing occupational, vestibular, and physical therapy treatments for patients of all ages. We are a team of passionate doctors and therapy specialists driven by a single goal – to help you attain a better quality of life by providing quality care and treatments.

We Care, God Heals

We believe in the power of compassionate healthcare. Therefore, when you visit our El Paso therapy clinic, we make your experience as seamless as possible while we progress in your treatment together. We never treat our patients in groups but instead conduct one-on-one sessions in our comfortable private rooms equipped with all the amenities you need. As a result, you will always have your therapists’ undivided attention.

Tailored Experience

From the moment you step into our clinic, you will be welcomed by a comfortable and relaxing environment. Our clinic houses state-of-the-art equipment and technologically driven tools that accelerate treatment for our patients. Moreover, it is located in the central part of El Paso, Texas, making it easier for our patients to commute to and from their appointments.
We also partner with some home care agencies in El Paso to provide our therapy and rehab services to patients who prefer receiving treatment in a familiar environment. Wherever you are in El Paso, our physical, occupational and vestibular treatment therapists will come to you.

Meet Your Physical Therapist
Dr Babatunde Akomolafe (PT, DPT, GCS)
Founder & Director, Therapy Consultants

Therapy Consultants is the vision and brainchild of Dr. Akomolafe, a man on a mission to drive better physical health outcomes by making quality physical, occupational and vestibular therapy solutions accessible. He is an American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties-certified Geriatric Physical Therapist and licensed to practice physical therapy in state of Texas.

He also holds Advanced Certification in Vestibular Rehabilitation from the American Institute of balance. In addition, he is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), Geriatric Session of APTA, Texas Physical Therapy Association, and Vestibular Disorder Association.

For almost three decades, Dr. Akomolafe has been providing physical therapy services in El Paso and has helped thousands of patients improve their overall wellbeing and quality of life. However, he kickstarted his career after graduating from the College of Medicine at the University of Lagos, Nigeria in 1991.

Throughout his career, Dr Akomolafe has worked in multiple healthcare settings, including home health agencies and hospitals in Texas and in Nigeria. He also ran a physical therapy practice called BCA Rehab Services from 1997 to 2005 before establishing Therapy Consultants.

At present, Dr Akomolafe continues to drive his mission through Therapy Consultants, where he holds his position as the Founder and Director.

What my Patients Say

Ms. Gomez suffered with dizziness for 15 years. It wasn’t until she came to Therapy Consultants that she started to see relief with her balance issues. Between the latest technology and advanced exercise techniques, Ms. Gomez’s life is completely different today!

Dizziness: Julia Gomez

Ms. Cortez says she is 100% better. Treatment at Therapy Consultants has improved her balance, vision, and walking. Her experience is like so many others who have improved their quality of life with vertigo therapy at Therapy Consultants!

Vertigo: Petra Cortez

Mr. Garcia was in an auto accident in 1965 and has experienced dizziness and severe nausea ever since. After so long with his condition, Mr. Garcia was skeptical about finding relief at Therapy Consultants. However, after six weeks of special exercises and therapy, the symptoms disappeared, and Mr. Garcia’s life changed!

Lourdes Garcia

Our Team

Dr. Babatunde Akomolafe
Dr. Akomolafe is a Board Certified Specialist in Geriatric Physical Therapy by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties, has Advanced Certification in Vestibular Rehabilitation by the American Institute of Balance (AIB) and licensed to practice Physical Therapy in the State of Texas. 

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