If you are experiencing unsteadiness, loss of balance, or lack of surefootedness, our balance retraining program will improve your movement and coordination. It will also help you prevent falls and enhance your participation in daily activities.

The study published on the August 18, 2013 edition of Rehabilitation Research and Practice by B. S. Rajaratnam et al was carried out with the objective of finding out if the Inclusion of Virtual Reality Games within Conventional Rehabilitation Enhance Balance Retraining after a Recent Episode of Stroke? This randomized controlled and double-blinded pilot study evaluated if interactive virtual reality balance-related games integrated within conventional rehabilitation sessions resulted in more superior retraining of dynamic balance compared to Conventional Rehabilitation after stroke.

Subjects in the control groups underwent 60 minutes of conventional rehabilitation while those in the experimental groups underwent 40 minutes of convention rehabilitation and 20 minutes of self-directed virtual reality balanced rehabilitation. Results indicate that the inclusion of interactive virtual reality balance related games within conventional rehabilitation can lead to improved functional mobility and balance after a recent episode of stroke without increasing treatment time that requires more health professional manpower.

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