We know it might be hard for you to get up with dizziness but we know that you’ve got this and this will pass. Vertigo, a sudden feeling that you or your surroundings are spinning, can be exhausting.

What really happens is:

Inside your inner ear are three small structures called semicircular canals. They help you sense motion and keep your balance. BPPV happens when a tiny crystal of calcium breaks free from the wall of one of these canals and moves into the canal. That can cause vertigo or make you feel like you’re moving when you’re not. Along with that spinning feeling, you also might have:

You’ll probably have these when you move your head up and down or get in and out of bed. They typically last less than a minute. But they leave you exhausted and pretty stressed out.

Now the differentiating test to rule out any underlying pathology that has been causing this or simply those tiny crystals are out of their place.

If found to be positive, we may perform a canalith repositioning procedure to help get the crystals out of your semicircular canals and into a place where they can be reabsorbed. BPPV often goes away on its own, after a successful maneuver. Here is where the need of a vestibular rehab therapist arises. We can assure you that things will smooth out. Patience, consistency and attending regular sessions are the basic keys.